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"basefin is the cheapest thing out there and the most user friendly" -- shankar

"no hassles no problems:"
-- raghu

"now i got a site to show off, with no effort what so ever."
-- shiva


BaseFin is a website design and development (D&D) firm building aesthetically pleasing websites with robust technology running the sites 24X7. We aim to provide our clients with a rapid D&D solutions without the hassle of maintenance and strategic advertising. We at BaseFin, are a group of very experienced designers and web developers leveraging the most advanced technologies in this field, constantly trying to push ourselves into delivering scalable and reliable solutions to out clientele. Our motto says it all-

Sailent Features

  • very good download speeds.
  • efficient and user-centric design aiming at ease of even for novice browsers.
  • very efficient design and development with sound software engineering concepts.
  • adding a site map.
  • sitemap for easier and faster access.
  • users to get their desired information in minimum clicks.
  • design a web site from user point of view and not the organization.
  • use of recent technology like, Flash, Java, JavaScript, DHTML, which will create better visual appeal.
  • consistent ,effective and logical navigation.
  • content get accessible to disabled users.
  • content writing with keywords associated with your firm to make it search engine friendly.
  • increasing link popularity & search engine optimization(seo) to give a real boost to your search result rankings.
  • search engine submission, web site promotion & effective marketing.